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Race drivers need insurance too!

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Race Drivers

by Monticello Speedway Insurance Team on July 22, 2014, no comments

Being a race driver can be complicated, and if you are giving advice, then you will need to take out a professional indemnity insurance policy to help cover you should you be giving advice.

For a race driver, this could include giving advice about:

  1. Which tires to use on the vehicle
  2. Which fuel to use in the car
  3. What tire pressure would be most appropriate for a given track
  4. The weather conditions of the track
  5. How to attack the course – when to speed up, when to attack your competitors

How Does Professional Indemnity Insurance Work?

A professional indemnity policy works by protecting you from any of the advice or recommendations you give to your team mates, other racing teams, or your crew should this advice lead to injury, financial loss or worse.

Do You Really Need it As a Race Driver?

This is an excellent question. In our opinion is the answer is ‘yes’.

Why do we think all race drivers should take out a professional indemnity policy? Well, due to the nature of racing cars, the danger involved and the potential for accident as a result of poor advice, then it’s a no brainer!

Do you really want a crew member or fellow race driver suing you because of some poor advice or a bad selection of car tires that caused them to crash and/or suffer damage to them or their vehicle?

I wouldn’t think so! This is why it’s extremely important to make sure not only you as a race driver take out a PI policy, but each of your crew members and team mates.

One of the benefits of everyone taking out a policy like together would be the opportunity to go on one ‘bulk’ policy wording which would cover everyone in your racing team for any advice that they give. This could save your racing team MILLIONS should some poor advice lead to a crash or injury to you or one of your team mates.

How Do You Get Covered?

The most common method for racing drivers to get a PI policy is to go online and source several professional indemnity insurance quotes from different insurance providers. We’ve found this page to be extremely useful for getting multiple indemnity insurance quotes:


If you are giving advice as a race car driver OR as a crew member, you MUST have a professional indemnity policy protecting you for the advice that you give.

If you don’t, you could end up costing yourself (or your team), thousands in dollars as a result of any poor advice you give!

So it really is that simple!

Take out a policy before it’s too late!

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