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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Race Drivers

by Monticello Speedway Insurance Team on July 22, 2014, no comments

Being a race driver can be complicated, and if you are giving advice, then you will need to take out a professional indemnity insurance policy to help cover you should you be giving advice. For a race driver, this could include giving advice about: Which tires to use on the vehicle Which fuel to use in […]

Do You Need Key Person Insurance for a Race Team?

by Monticello Speedway Insurance Team on October 21, 2013, no comments

So you’ve decided that you need to take out key person insurance for the most important member of your racing team – the driver. This is an excellent idea as without the driver, the racing team would lose an extremely important part of their program, as is extremely difficult to replace – especially at the last […]

Finding the Right Insurance for your Key People and Employees

by Monticello Speedway Insurance Team on October 17, 2013, no comments

When deciding on whether to take out life or some kind of income protection cover for your key employees, there are a number of variables that need to be taken into consideration. If you don’t take out the right level of cover, you can leave yourself or your business exposed should anything happen to you, or […]